More Than Business: Aratana’s IPO and Our Mission to Help Pets

June 27, 2013 was a landmark day for the underserved medical needs for pets. That day, Aratana filed its initial public offering, validating our unique model and approach to bringing advances in human medical science to pets.

There are many molecules in development for human health that have applications for pets. Our approach and mission are centered on one idea: Imagine how a veterinarian or pet owner would feel to learn there is finally a therapy for their pet.

We’re passionate about giving veterinarians and their clients therapeutic options based on cutting-edge science, as well as proven safety and effectiveness studies in pets. By “going public”, Aratana has been able to grow our portfolio to include several novel therapeutic candidates in develop currently for five key areas of unmet and underserved needs:

  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Inappetence
  • Viral Diseases
  • Allergy

One additional highlight for our initial public offering occurred last October. Our president and CEO, Steven St. Peter, MD, celebrated our success by ringing the NASDAQ stock market closing bell. And while it was a memorable event for Aratana Therapeutics as a company, it allowed us to share that spotlight with one of our passions: deserving pets. Along with us at the ceremony were members of the Mayor’s Alliance, a non-profit coalition of more than 150 New York City-area animal rescue groups and shelters. In addition to serving as a powerful voice for its participating organizations, the Alliance offers essential programs and services that help save the lives of New York City’s homeless animals.

Our initial public offering was just one step in our quest to become a leading provider of unmatched therapies for the unmet and underserved needs in pets. We look forward to working with veterinarians as we introduce therapeutic solutions exclusive to the veterinary market.

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