More than 3,500 Attend Aratana Therapeutics’ Scientific CE Sessions & Zoobiquity Event at NAVC


At the Intersection of Human Science and Veterinary Medicine, Aratana Therapeutics is bringing new therapeutics to help raise the standard of care for pets. At one of the largest veterinary conferences, NAVC Conference 2016, Aratana used eight scientific CE sessions and interacted with veterinarians at their exhibit booth to introduce veterinary professionals to the emerging therapeutics they are bringing to the market. New therapeutics anticipating 2016 approval for osteoarthritis pain management in dogs, extended post-operative pain-relief in dogs, and inappetence in dogs. Also presented was a session reviewing a new stem cell therapy being pursued for osteoarthritis. In other sessions, Aratana presented on USDA-licensed therapeutics that may aid in the treatment of lymphoma, along with a new immunotherapeutic vaccine as an aid in the treatment of dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Aratana made a strong connection with nearly 1,000 veterinary professionals at their sponsored, main event. Dr. Steven St. Peter opened the event with an introduction to Aratana and introduced the authors of the New York Times best selling book, Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health.

“We’re very excited about 2016 and bringing our first, FDA-therapeutics to the veterinary market,” said Dr. Steven St. Peter, CEO. “The positive response has been overwhelming.”


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