Dr. Steven St. Peter & ViroVet Receive Accolades from Animal Pharm

Visionary CEO 

Dr. Steven St. Peter, CEO and President of Aratana Therapeutics, was named Visionary CEO by Animal Pharm, noting he “has been the driving force behind Aratana – one of the first animal health biotechnology companies to make waves in the industry” and that in 2015, he helped moved the company “closer to gaining its first significant revenues.”

“We really don’t view other businesses as competition; more as an opportunity. As long as we have the best team and the best decision makers, the more people we can get on board, the greater the opportunity. If you’re going to have that broad effort, you need to have a portfolio that’s worth it,” said Dr. St. Peter.

Best start-up company

ViroVet, the Leuven-based company, was honored with Best Start-up Company. The article explained “ViroVet is one of the only young veterinary medicine companies developing molecules for large unmet needs in livestock.”

Read the full article on Animal Pharm’s website.


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