Business Model

Research shows pet ownership in households across the United States continues to increase, and the view of owners has changed over recent years with more people considering their cat or dog as a member of the family. Data from the American Veterinary Medical Association shows the human/animal bond and pet spending are directly correlated with households that view their dogs and cats as family.

There is a gap, however, in the availability of innovative treatments for serious diseases or chronic conditions in dogs and cats. Development typically lags years behind human health. Aratana Therapeutics has developed a unique approach intersecting the best of human science, biotechnology innovations and veterinary medicine to offer dogs and cats new solutions. And, that’s just the beginning. Aratana is passionate about providing veterinarians, pet owners and their pets innovative therapeutic options.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver cutting-edge medical solutions to veterinarians by:

  • Identifying molecules in development for human health and investigating their potential for animal health. Our experienced team of veterinarians, scientists, and biopharmaceutical business experts are applying their collective knowledge in discovery, development and delivery to the medical needs of pets.
  • Leveraging advancements in human biology and applying them to pets. Advances in human medicines have led to therapeutics associated with pain management and inappetence and for serious diseases, including cancer, viral diseases and allergy. Aratana is working to leverage investments in human medicine for the benefit of pets.
  • Accelerating the delivery of compounds already in development for pets. We actively look for pharmaceutical companies with promising compounds for cats and dogs that we can further develop and deliver to veterinarians in a time-efficient way.

Every new therapeutic can mean millions of new beginnings for pets and the people who love them.