Delivering new beginnings

for pets, for the people who love them, and for the veterinarians who care for them.

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Solutions For Unmet Needs


As pets are living longer, their medical needs are increasing. Aratana Therapeutics is focused on delivering therapeutic solutions for serious diseases and conditions that are not being met by traditional animal health companies.

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We currently have over 18 therapeutic candidates in our development pipeline targeting the areas of cancer, pain, inappetence, viral diseases and allergy. One of these may help to redefine the treatment of canine lymphoma, a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of dogs worldwide.

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Pets are our passion
because pets are family

The relationship between people and pets is closer than ever before. This deep bond has created a demand for therapeutics for pets as advanced as those for human members of the family. Aratana is uniquely positioned to quickly deliver new solutions to veterinarians for unmet medical needs of your patients. In fact, we’re passionate about it.

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